Only imagination is the limit!

Let me take you for a magical trip to the land where the word ‘impossible’ does not exist. It is the place where all fairy tales are real and no one believes in plain, ordinary reality… My illustrations are the gate to this land. Your imagination is a key. Just open the door.

Magical worlds and wonderlands

Seasons are a pure magic, you can observe every single day!
Meadows, fields and forests - these are the most amazing places under the sun! Look around carefully! You never know who is watching you.

"The Tale about a Fox and a Rabbit"

Barbara Ekert

"Winter Separation of the Chicken and the Mouse"

Katarzyna Boroń

Don't be afraid of the night

It will bing you magical dreams!

Fairytale Princesses

calendar illustrations


Unbelievable Journeys

"Rocket science"

Lee Alan Bradshaw

"Paweł i Indianie"

Agata Hryniewicz

"Fairytales from the old drawer chest"

Jadwiga Roszkowska

(Un)usual Childhood

Being a parent is the most exciting adveture of all!
You are all my World

Farewell to mother's milk

Joanna Świercz
Mommy and daddy are like superheroes!