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Christmas Card illustration – Procreate painting process

Every December…

My past years’ Decembers are so busy! I always promise myself that I will slow down this year, and …fail! It is because winter is really intensive time at my work. I still don’t have enough time to stop and let all these magical moments fully reach me. And it is such inspiring time: first snow, the smell of gingerbread, hot coffee in cold hands, Christmas tree lights in the town’s windows…

But even with all this, I am often too tired after work (where I usually draw a whole day) to find this excitement and fresh ideas.

When ideas don’t want to come…..

But a need to draw something only for myself I too strong to ignore it. So I lay on the couch with my iPad (much easier way than putting out all bottles with paints and sit on the butt again…) and instead of waiting for some brilliant ideas – just start a drawing.
Usually, I pick a brush I don’t use very often (this time it was Old Brush from Painting set in Procreate). I paint some strokes on the canvas and wondering what it reminds me. It doesn’t take long to my imagination to see something in it. And then I just try to pull out my idea from the canvas.
Does it always work? Well, no. But still, I find it a better idea than laying and waiting for a brainwave to come. I have a feeling that I fight at least 😉

This time my process was similar. I saw a Christmas tree in the first a few strokes. And that is how the elegant, dancing “Christmas tree” was born 🙂
Take a look at my process on the video.
I also add some animated bells and whistles at the and by using a cool (and free!) app called VideoLeap by Enlight.

I am wishing you a very merry Christmas and a lot of time to appreciate all these little things that make this time so magical!

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