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Christmas wishes illustrations and choices

Christmas cards time

Christmas wishes illustrations commissioned by clients were ready in November.  But due to very busy time at work I made my own Christmas wishes illustrations this week only. I prepared two versions and I stuck because I couldn’t choose just one. I had a feeling that, when I will show only one the second one will be wasted.

The first of them was made in traditional, classic way with visible line-art, limited palette of colors and had a Winter feeling in it. The second brings me to mind magical Christmas Eve – all these warm colors, which company this special time and also it was made in my favorite watercolor style! Really tough choice – I wanted to use both!

Unfortunately, as some people say ” you can’t have it all”…But for sure?

Tough choices

At the end of the year, when I used to make some yearly summary and I see things in a wider perspective. That is why the situation with Christmas wishes illustrations remains me all these difficult creative choices and questions which I ask myself every year:

  • am I more into traditional or digital art?
  • should I paint in a comic way or in more realistic style?
  • for adults or for children?
  • for clients or should I focus on personal projects?
  • more illustrations or more animations?
  • promoting my works on my blog, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram?

I want it all!

I hear from every side coaches who say, that only people who choose only one way and stuck to it can be really successful and trying to do too many things at one time is the best recipe for fail.
And it’s hurting to my heart when I think I should give up so many things I love! And resistance.
Because I don’t want to resign from these paths. I want it all! And deep inside I believe I can have it.
That’s why I am still searching for a perfect combination.
In case of Christmas illustration, it was what you can see below – Christmas animation! That was the way to show both versions and not to resign from any of them.

Christmas Wishes 2017

I am still working on resolving all other questions and I suppose it would be long process 🙂

How can you manage with such a choices? Are you believe that it is really necessary to be all into one way/ style/ project to be successful? I am really curious so I will appreciate your advice and opinions!

And at the end:

I wish you beautiful and peaceful Christmastime, time to thinking about things important in your life and certainty that choices which you make are the best for you!