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Christmas wreath watercolor process video

I really wanted to make Christmas themed watercolor tutorial before Christmas. I had all video material because Christmas wreath watercolor was made in November as a commission for my client. Unfortunately, the time at work was extremely busy that is why I can show you only speed up time lapse without any comment. Maybe when we consider my horrible English accent it is better way 🙂 But I can at least write down some words of comment 🙂  

Painting process of Christmas wreath watercolor


  • cold pressed watercolor paper 270g Canson Montval A3Trochin (my favorite one)
  • B2 pencil
  • Ecolines
  • Kuretake watercolors
  • Saint Petersburg watercolors
  • watercolor pencils (Derwent and Lyra)
  • I started with the detailed sketch. The composition is squared (30x30cm) mainly arranged at edges of the square with blank space inside for Christmas wishes text.

 I put there Christmas ornaments, pine branches, gingerbreads – all that things which making a holiday mood.
I started painting from the lightest yellow color, but then I realized it would be good to know where all red accents will go to be sure I placed them evenly.
I added all the colors one by one and then shadows when the colored areas were dry enough.
The last thing I painted was dark green of greenery in the background which joins all elements together and make them more visible by contrasting with them.

For detailed finishing, I used, as very often, watercolor pencils, but without brushing them with water.
The calligraphed text was added in Photoshop.
That’s is how my client’s Christmas Card design was made.
I hope you like it!

If you have any questions, level them in comments, I will be happy to answer.
If you are curious how my own Christmas card illustration for 2017 is looking go and visit Christmas wishes illustration post and say which you like better!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!