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Easter illustration + Easter wishes

I like making illustrations to celebrate important holidays. It may seem boring to paint an Easter illustration  over and over every year, but I consider it as a challenge for imagination.

This time on my Easter illustration is a girl in a folk costume and water. It is a reference to our Polish tradition of the first day after Easter called – Wet Monday or Dyngusa Day when people water each other. I enjoyed it so much as a child, and still like it (of course especially when I am watering somebody rather than being wet myself 😉
Folklore is an infinite source of inspiration for me.

I have noticed a very particular thing.
The time just before some important celebrations like Christmas or Easter cheat me badly! It going so quickly!
I am checking which hour is it, and again after.a minute.
It is still the same… But another day!

But this time I was clever enough to make Easter illustration earlier. Much earlier because I painted it last Easter :)))
So not this time, dear Time!
I proudly feel I won this time 😉

I added a little bit of animation and here it is!

Have a wonderful Easter with a lot of TIME for your families, little and big delights, and everything, that is important to you that day!