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Strange spring 2020 – printable spring coloring page

We have never seen spring like this

Covid-19 is spreading all around Europe and the whole world. In Poland, schools are closed during the next two weeks (maybe longer, we will see).
All people who can – stay at home, and I am proud that we approach this problem very seriously. Is it a case also in your country? If you also staying at home these days, alone, or maybe with your family, I have a little gift for you.
I made a spring printable coloring page, based on my painting in Clip Studio Paint. Download it and color it to give occupation to your hands and thoughts or to spend a nice time with your children.
The Crocus  printable coloring page will be a freebie till April. After that time, it will be listed in my Etsy shop.

Share link to this post with friend who also like coloring. Send me your colored work, or tag me on Instagram (@st.kamila) – I will be happy to see your artwork!

Let me know how you deal with this situation!

Crocus in Clip Studio Paint

And here you can see phases of my painting in Clip Studio Paint on iPad. It felt like an oil painting or gouache a bit.

Take care, and I hope it will pass quickly!